Kevin Keating

Kevin V. Keating

Steel Project Manager

Kevin Keating is a recent addition to HRV as a project manager in the firm’s Steel Division.  In addition to a strong background in Civil Engineering, Kevin brings his nearly 30 years of experience in the steel and coatings industries to the HRV team.  He enjoys sharing his NDT knowledge and background as a mentor through various channels, such as the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing and various industry blogs.  He is also actively involved in the American Welding Society and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers.  A few of Kevin’s notable projects include involvement in every major structure at the World Trade Center (NY), several historic bridge rehabilitation projects throughout the U.S., including the Horace Wilkinson Bridge (LA), Woodrow Wilson Bridge (VA & MD), Liberty Street Bridge (PA), and Birmingham Bridge (PA), and his work through FEMA in the Gulf Region following Hurricane Katrina.

In his spare time, Kevin is an American History buff, enjoys collecting “junktiques,” and taking in classic television and films.