Shawn Barrett

NDT Supervisor

Shawn Barrett, former co-owner of Clover Field Services, LLC (CFS), located in Girardville, Pennsylvania, recently joined HRV as Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Supervisor.  In this position, he oversees a number of NDT-specific projects and applies his expertise directly toward training and mentoring NDT technicians, while adding value to our clients’ QA inspection needs.  Shawn led CFS on signature materials QA inspection projects such as the Museum of Modern Art (NYC), JFK Airport (NYC), Newark Airport (Newark, NJ), World Trade Center- Building (NYC), and many others.  His 30-year career in the welding and QA inspection industries is centered on his numerous credentials and certifications, including AWS CWI, ANST NDT Level 3, and NACE Coating Inspector Level 1, 2, and 3.  Shawn possesses a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, which helps to identify issues and avoid future problems, maintain a consistent product flow, and uphold the quality requirements set forth by the prevalent codes, standards, and procedures found in our industry.  In his spare time, Shawn is bee-keeping enthusiast, and an agriculturalist.