Rochelle HRV

Over the last few months, we faced an unprecedented situation for which I don’t believe any of us were prepared.  However, HRV remained focused and strong in spite of our field construction services being placed on hold and our main office being forced to close.  What held us together during that fearful, extremely challenging time was HRV’s front line workers—our inspectors in the shops never missed a beat, they remained brave and loyal.  They were HRV’s “Frontline” making sure our clients received the quality service that they had always received.  They have our deepest appreciation! Angel’s must have been watching over us because we carried on unscathed for the most part, and our people remained healthy.  Our country was just beginning to feel safe again then an incident occurred that showcased the ugliness of our human condition.

Both events playing out together resulting in unraveling the country, high unemployment, businesses destroyed by looting or lack of business, and families separated by quarantine or broken down through the loss of a loved one.  As someone who always wanted to be the fixer, I find myself at a loss in this case.  I will admit, the past few months have been extremely stressful for Robert (Stachel) and I.  We’ve had sleepless nights, daily calls on how we can possibly keep our folks safe, wondering where we were going to get elusive PPE, questioning whether a company 17 years in the making would survive the pandemic, not to mention understanding and reacting to the constant changes in rules and regulations. We were more than likely not alone in thinking, “Are we in an episode of the Twilight Zone?”  “Is this really happening?”

This is a time as leaders we must live and experience everything together. We call upon our collective resiliency and fight to objectively listen, learn, and come out stronger than before.  We stand to reinforce and embrace the core values HRV has always committed to live by.  Robert and I consider our employees as family, and as in life, we face the challenges together. We remain committed to the care for our employees, building diversity in our staff as well as our services, and maintaining safe work environments where we value and respect everyone.  We look forward to our continued success, growing together as we grow forward!