HRV offers inspection capabilities conforming to various standards/codes and to client specifications

Our inspections are performed by certified personnel located throughout the United States with relevant experience and processing certifications including ASNT, NDT Level III, NDT Level II, AWS CWI, NACE, and Professional Engineer licensure. We provide conformance verification in fabrication shops and on-site for valves and other piping components, pumps and motors, electrical switchgears, control panels and many other components.

Types of Equipment Inspected:

  • Welded structures, pressure vessels, fabricated equipment and plant piping
  • Pipelines for oil & gas, water/wastewater
  • Welder qualification and procedure qualification services
  • Post-weld heat treatment and stress relieving
  • Pipe coating, painting inspection and holiday detection services
  • Bridges, high-rises and complex steel building structures