HRV’s experts identify quality control audits for shop fabricators located throughout the county.

These audits are done to determine issues and to improve performance, processes and customer satisfaction. Our experts provide a full range auditing services in accordance with Client specifications and the applicable codes and standards.

  • Provide drawings & specifications review and assessment
  • Review welding procedures and verify the use of proper equipment
  • Inspect the shop drawing, procedure, and qualification control processes
  • Review material tracking procedures
  • Evaluate quality control procedures
  • Ensure personnel is properly qualified
  • Verify material test reports
  • Ensure proper procedures are in place and are followed
  • Provide visual inspection of production welds and quality
  • Confirm that “as built” dimensions match drawings and document variances
  • Nondestructive testing
  • Supervise coating applications and verify results
  • Conduct inspections at the erection site
  • Check construction procedures
  • Inspect structure (bridges, buildings, etc.) for specification compliance