Industry leadership through technical expertise

Our people are leading experts in materials quality assurance and quality control inspection, construction management and construction inspection focused on delivering cost-effective services and solutions to transportation, rail & transit, oil & gas, power, commercial, and water/wastewater markets worldwide.

We are Quality. Assured.

It’s simple, right? … Inspect a complex steel weld in a fabrication shop to exacting specifications and precision tolerances; oversee a manufacturer’s entire fabrication quality control program; ensure the appropriate coating is applied to structural steel components such as built-up girders, gear boxes and machine parts, and secondary bridge members.  If it were simple, everyone would be doing it.  It’s the technical expertise of HRV’s people that results in industry leadership.

Many HRV experts actively participate at leadership, board, committee and membership levels for industry trade societies and associations, including:

HRV People at AASHTO/NSBA  HRV People at American Concrete Institute  HRV People at American Society for Nondestructive Testing  HRV People at American Society of Civil Engineers

HRV People at American Society of Highway Engineers  HRV People at Construction Management Association of America  HRV People at American Welding Society    HRV People at Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute  AMPP

HRV People at Society of American Military Engineers  HRV People at Transportation Research Board    HRV People at Engineers Without Borders