Welding procedure review is necessary to ensure welding production is in compliance with all applicable standards and codes.

Our Certified Welding Inspectors (CWIs) develop and/or implement all welding procedures specifications per AWS and CWB codes applicable to structural steel. These procedures include:

  • Verify proper material based on test reports and certificates furnished.
  • Witness, inspect and certify that all structural steel, including fasteners, have been fabricated in accordance with the requirements of the contract documents.
  • Review fabricator’s welder certifications, CWI certifications, and NDT certifications.
  • Review procedures for ASME and API.
  • Verify compliance through visual inspection of base metal surfaces and edges for conformance to applicable ASTM specifications. Verify heat numbers and proper storage procedures of base metal.
  • Perform dimensional inspection as per AISC specifications and applicable chapter of AWS D1.1 or AWS D1.5, or as stipulated by the Contract Documents.
  • Monitor and review reports of nondestructive testing, if applicable, performed by fabricator for compliance to project specifications
  • Perform visual welding inspection of joint preparations, proper use of consumables, and compliance to approved procedures and codes.