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Opportunities to go down The Road Not Taken occasionally surface during one’s life-journey.  Like many others, I began to rethink my “journey” during and after September 11, 2001.  That tragic event affected me greatly—it motivated me to resettle in my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and to establish a business that combines my technical background with a penchant for quality and my desire to have a positive impact on the security, stability and longevity of our nation’s infrastructure.

My vision was to pool together a unique blend of technical experts specializing in the oversight of quality practices related to materials manufacturing, fabrication and production, and construction in the transportation, energy, water, commercial and power infrastructure markets worldwide.  My passion was to create a lasting place to work where employees felt comfortable, invigorated and inspired to achieve their best—and during a dark period of American corporate history that revolved around the likes of ENRON, MCI and Lehman Brothers, I wanted to establish a corporate environment in which ethical behavior was recognized and rewarded.  It was 2003 and HRV Conformance Verification Associates, Inc. was born.

Today, our clients recognize HRV, Inc. as a “top-of-mind” leader, offering the most highly skilled, technically competent experts in the quality assurance/quality control inspection, construction management and specialized consulting industries.  Our focus on the client stems from a core set of values based on our longstanding guiding principle (attributed to Willa A. Foster): “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution.”

Our growth strategies include developing new and innovative methodologies to streamline practices, constantly seeking qualified talent, and incorporating new technologies and training that produce superior results.  We are sincere in our effort to deliver our services efficiently to maximize our clients’ investments.

Welcome to HRV’s space on the web.  I invite you to take a deep look; I believe you will discover what I have known about our company for a very long time.  The work our experts perform helps infrastructure owners extend the life span of assets, maximize return on investments, and ensure the stability and longevity of our nation’s infrastructure.  By always placing the needs of our clients first, we are Quality. Assured.