HRV participated in OSHA’s 2017 National Safety Stand-Down Week with a full calendar of events (listed below), which helped  to bring a higher safety awareness to the workplace, particularly related to fall protection.

  • OSHA Stand-Down Intro Video
  • Recorded HRV Into Video
  • Smart Phone Safety Game App Downloads
  • ARTBA Bridge Safety Tool-Talk
  • Three Fall Protection Videos
  • Numerous Project and Fab Shop Site Visits!
  • HRV Stand-Down Quiz
  • Closing Live Webinar

Falls in the workplace occur more often, and cause more deaths than any other type of injury due to accident.  OSHA established National Safety Stand-Down Week as an initiative to help reduce the prevalence of falls, reduce injuries due to accidents and heighten overall safety awareness.  This is the second consecutive year in which HRV has participated in this important event, and looks forward to next year’s week of recognition.