HRV Steel and Concrete Fabrication Inspection Teams In Place for VAOT Two-Year Stints

Moon Township, PA (November 17, 2016) – HRV Conformance Verification Associates, Inc. (HRV), leaders in quality assurance and quality control inspection, construction management and construction inspection (CM/CI), announced that the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VAOT) has awarded HRV two work order-based materials fabrication inspection contracts for steel and concrete related to transportation construction and rehabilitation over the next two years.  VAOT can optionally extend both contracts for an additional two years.

HRV President H. Rochelle Stachel said, “We are very pleased that VOAT has selected HRV for these important assignments.  Materials inspection related to transportation infrastructure is a critical aspect of constructing or rehabilitating roads and bridges—our project managers and materials inspection experts are passionate about assuring quality in order to help VOAT realize its vision of a safe and reliable transportation system that promotes Vermont’s quality of life and economic vitality.”

Matthew Ruggieri, HRV project manager, will lead the steel fabrication inspection team, coordinating inspection activities, supervising administrative support, managing project budget, and providing oversight of daily operations related to steel inspection and nondestructive testing.

Sarah Hurr, HRV project manager, will lead the concrete fabrication inspection effort, acting as the principal point-of-contact for both VOAT inspection/technical staff and HRV’s inspection experts.  She will supervise overall fabrication inspection/testing, project administration and reporting, and budget management.

VOAT, with more than 1,300 employees organized in three divisions, oversees planning, development, implementation and maintenance of all state transportation infrastructure, which includes over 17,500 miles of federal, state and local roadway, and over 3,800 bridges.

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